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Demand for image-based prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis is nearing capacity and will only continue to rise in the coming years due to the rapidly aging population and proposed European early detection screening initiative. 

PCaVision uses algorithms to analyze 3D B-mode, elastography, and contrast-enhanced ultrasound images. From this analysis, 3D heatmaps are produced that indicate potentially cancerous regions, supporting targeted biopsy.

The procedure can be performed by the urologist or designated healthcare professional at the outpatient clinic with no specialized training required. The scan can be performed at the time of the first consultation with results available within minutes, thereby providing an optimal care pathway for the patient. 

PCaVision, developed by Angiogenesis Analytics, is on track for release in Europe in Q1 2024 and worldwide by 2028. European clinical trials are currently ongoing and preparations are being made for the trials in the US and Asia.

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"Science is fascinating; its translation into solutions helping cancer patients is a real mission"

– Prof. Dr. ir. Massimo Mischi, Scientific Strategic Advisor

"The future of prostate cancer imaging is sparkling!"

– Prof. Dr. Harrie Beerlage, Clinical Board Chairman

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