Test Engineer

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Guard the quality of the software of the company.
  • Maintain a healthy and effective (automated) test environment.
  • Write unit and component tests (together with other test and software engineers).
  • Specify, perform and maintain (system) integration tests.
  • Maintain the test framework (under the supervision of the lead test engineer and the team lead).
  • Write and maintain test plans.
  • Test the tools
  • Perform Manual testing and verification when required

Secondary tasks and responsibilities

  • Closely cooperate with the software team during the development process.
  • Closely cooperate with the Quality Assurance Manager.
  • Support the (software) team with tasks at hand, if necessary.
  • Support Data Management.
  • Execute potential other (temporary) tasks that might not belong to the core responsibilities, if necessary.


  • 3-5 years of experience with setting up and maintaining automated test environments.
  • Significant experience in working with test plans and writing unit and component tests.
  • Significant experience in using Python.
  • Significant experience with at least one well-known test framework.
  • Having the drive for quality, the strong desire to find errors in own and others’ code.
  • Ability and desire to learn new concepts and programming languages (both Python and C++ will be used throughout our systems, amongst others).
  • At least Dutch HBO or similar level of education (HBO master/WO bachelor) in a relevant technical domain.
  • Relevant practical programming experience with demonstrable quality levels.
  • Fluent in English in writing and speech (all documentation and much of the day-to-day conversations are in English).
  • Affinity with working in a small organisation, hands-on attitude, willing to participate in a variety of tasks, self-supporting but also a team player, able to transform abstract concepts in concrete results.


  • Experience in Pytest, Robot Framework
  • Experience in API Automation
  • Experience with agile development methodologies.
  • Affinity with (multidimensional) mathematics.
  • Affinity with medical software, embedded systems, large scale data processing.
  • Experience with Pandas, NumPy, Python 3.
  • Experience with C++
  • Experience with Git, GitLab, Linux, Jenkins, shell scripts.
  • Speaking Dutch.
  • Living near Den Bosch.


  • Since the company is a start-up and is yet small, there are many possibilities to shape your own job and further shape the company together with the rest of the team.
  • Be part of an innovative team creating an innovative product that improves the world.
  • Even though the company is small, the available array of employees and consultants brings a huge amount of experience that can be tapped from.
  • There are also opportunities to take supporting roles such as Scrum Master, IT support, project lead, (partial) product owner, UI engineer and integration specialist, amongst others.

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